Printing Services

Allegra provides people and businesses with a full array of exceptional services, customized to meet their print and graphics communications goals from quick copy jobs, to design and consultation, to total solutions. For a more detailed description of how we can service your needs, click on any option from the ten categories of services featured above.

Full Color Printing

Catch their eyes. Never underestimate the power of color. It’s bright, attractive and eye-catching. In fact, research shows color makes it easier to capture a reader’s interest. It aslo enhances readability and improves message retention. And aren’t those exactly the things you want your print pieces to do? We suggest you give color a good look. Use it whenever you can. We can help with color printing capabilities-from offset to digital and even high-speed copying-that will give you a rainbow of choices. Call us. We can talk a blue streak about color.

Digital Color Printing

A smart solution for the short run. You’ve probably faced this familiar challenge: you need to print something in color, but the quantity is too small to make offset printing a smart move. May we suggest something smarter-and more economical? digital color printing is a remarkable way to ensure high-quality output (yes,better than your office laser) for low quantity needs. We can print digital files directly from a computer to our digital printer without having to make film or plates. Not only does that give you real dollar savings (because you order only the quantities needed: 5,10 or 25), it also means full color with no compromise; color you’ve got to see to believe. That’s not just smart, that’s brilliant.